Business/Commercial Disputes

iStock_000017163652_LargeIn an ideal world, agreements between businesses would always be honored and every party would uphold its end of the bargain. Unfortunately, broken promises are rampant in the business and commercial world, even with supposedly iron-clad contracts. There are just some parties that will fail to deliver, whatever the reason. When you and your company are put in a difficult position by another business, sometimes legal action is the only reasonable option available to you.

At Rodriguez-Albizu Law, P.A., the firm assists businesses and commercial clients in resolving legal disputes in the most effective manner possible. The firm’s purpose is to protect the interests of its clients. If this means reaching an equitable agreement that both parties can agree to, then the firm works to foster such an agreement. If the other party will not negotiate and a legal battle is necessary, the firm is prepared to take that path. Once the firm takes on your case, the firm will pursue the outcome you desire with persistence and focus.

Commercial disputes can vary considerably in their complexity and the work required to resolve them. The firm is here to assist clients with debt collections, contract disputes, insurance fraud, employee fraud, consumer fraud allegations, and more. Depending on the type of dispute, the firm may be able to reach a resolution quickly. In other instances, it may take several years to reach the final outcome. In all cases, the firm prides itself in providing services at a fair rate designed to deliver value to the firm’s clients.

Fluent in Spanish and experienced in international law, attorney Gerardo (Gery) Rodriguez is ready to assist his clients with in all areas of practice pertaining to commercial disputes. Servicing clients in the U.S., Latin America and throughout Palm Beach, Martin and Saint Lucie Counties, Mr. Rodriguez can help you protect your business and resolve disputes in your favor. Please contact Rodriguez-Albizu Law, P.A., today to discuss your case.