International Intended Parents

iStock_000014693351_LargeRodriguez-Albizu Law, P.A., assists many different clients with issues related to assisted reproductive technology (ART) law. Mr. Rodriguez-Albizu represents both international and domestic intended parents with gamete (egg, sperm and embryo) donation agreements and gestational surrogacy agreements.  Fluent in Spanish, Mr. Rodriguez-Albizu has considerable experience helping clients from Latin America. Mr. Rodriguez-Albizu is ready to listen to your story, and provide the legal assistance you need to navigate even the most complex legal situation.

The firm’s experience with international intended parents, particularly those from Latin America, allow the firm to provide a unique service to its clients. Whether you are coming to South Florida because your country does not have the fertility services you need, or because the wait times for obtaining services are just too long, the firm can guide you through the fertility treatment process and ensure that you are protected from a legal standpoint.

If you are an international client, please contact the firm today to learn more about the firm’s services. Rodriguez-Albizu Law, P.A., can help you with gestational surrogacy and other fertility law services throughout South Florida, including Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade Counties. The firm is ready to assist you and streamline the process, making your experience positive and productive. Please contact the firm now to get started.