Rodriguez-Albizu Law, P.A., offers experienced legal counsel to U.S. and Latin American clients in several areas, including international and commercial disputes, real estate (closings and title insurance), outside general counsel services, and assisted reproductive technology (ART) law.

The firm is dedicated to helping clients resolve their legal needs efficiently and in a cost-effective fashion. Providing “big firm” experience at boutique firm prices, the firm bring years of experience to a wide variety of disputes in both Florida state and federal courts.

Fluent in Spanish, attorney Gerardo Rodriguez-Albizu is well equipped to provide clients with the assistance to handle their international/commercial legal needs. Mr. Rodriguez-Albizu has worked with numerous Latin American clients, helping them to understand their legal options and achieve the specific legal outcomes they are looking for.

The firm also offers concierge real estate services to its international and domestic clients. Mr. Rodriguez-Albizu’s experience includes assisting clients in all facets of a real estate transaction – from negotiating the purchase and sale agreement, to conducting mobile closings and issuing title insurance.

In addition to providing competent and effective international and commercial law services, the firm also provides fertility law services. Having experienced for years the challenges presented by infertility with his wife, attorney Gerardo Rodriguez-Albizu determined to help other families facing similar difficulties with their legal needs. Mr. Rodriguez-Albizu has represented intended parents and gestational surrogates in gestational surrogacy agreements and pre-planned adoption agreements (commonly utilized by same-sex couples), along with intended parents and gamete donors in both known and anonymous gamete donation agreements. Mr. Rodriguez-Albizu’s study and practice of ART law allow him to guide clients through these emotionally and legally complex situations, ensuring that their best interests are protected.

Rodriguez-Albizu Law, P.A., serves both individuals and companies from Latin American countries and the U.S., including local clients throughout Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade Counties.

If you are in need of assistance with international law, commercial law, real estate law, or ART law, please contact the firm of Rodriguez-Albizu Law, P.A., today.